Company Profile

Founded in 2016, the Malaysian company Top A provides professional services for management consulting. We think innovatively and aim to satisfy our clients regarding all of their routine or project-specific demands on business operation. We offer customized, localized, fast and timely services to our clients in Taiwan.

Our team of senior consultants are familiar with Taiwanese laws and tax systems related to business operation, and have years of experience in the management of transnational or listed companies in Taiwan. In a flexible way, our team helps companies manage different stages of development by offering professional service in strategic layout, organizational planning, administration, human resources, accounting and tax.

Our core competencies are based on professionalism, service, enthusiasm and reliability. Our clients seek our expert advice on reducing indirect costs of management and staff during startup or operation. Our clients therefore can focus on essential tasks, including R&D and promotion, to accelerate business growth.

We hope to achieve progress together with our clients, and toward a sustainable future for our staff, business partners and shareholders.

Business Philosophy

Sharing economy is the foundation of our philosophy. We recruit locally to provide timely services and create niche for businesses, hoping to build partnership with every company in Taiwan.

Corporate Governance

We firmly believe good corporate governance provides a stable foundation for business operation, so we keep an ethical standard higher than those of our peers and maintain an effective accountability mechanism. To create long-term benefits and achieve a win-win outcome for our company and clients, we insist on a high standard for corporate governance in all aspects, and we operate on a credible, reliable and professional basis.We seek to develop a positive organization and culture, and draft the company regulations, in accordance with the following principles from the Guidelines on Corporate Governance:

1Create an effective structure for corporate governance.
2Safeguard the rights and interests of clients.
3Strengthen employee competencies.
4Form professional groups to perform specific tasks
(independent auditing and salary survey).
5Prioritize the rights and interests of clients and stakeholders.
6Fully disclose information to increase transparency.
7Establish internal control and audit systems.

Through internal audit and self-assessment, auditors ensure business operation is in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
Highly efficient and professional in monitoring, our internal auditors all possess the required expertise and knowledge.
We regularly implement the outcomes of self-assessment and audit reports on an annual basis, under the supervision of shareholders and the board of directors."

Social Responsibility

We believe in sustainability. We also follow the motto "whatever you take from society, use for society." We are committed to creating more job opportunities for society, and we actively engage society through contribution to public benefits.

For our employees

We guarantee humane treatment, and encourage communication between employees and managements. We reserve job opportunities for the disabled. We implement environmental, safety and hygiene management to create conditions friendly to both employees and the environment. Employees are encouraged to maintain healthy lifestyles.

For the environment

To contribute to the fight against global warming, we have policies regarding energy efficiency, carbon reduction and recycling.

For society

We actively seek social engagement, support social activities, care for socially disadvantaged groups, and take part in local events. We hope to enhance our relationship with society.