Welcome to Top A's website (the Site). To make you feel comfortable when using all services and information on this Site,
and to ensure the protection of your rights, please read the following Privacy Statement (the Statement):

1. Application of the Statement

The application of the Statement includes a Site user's personal data collected when he/she use the services on this Site. The Statement is not applicable to any website other than this Site, and any person not entrusted with or does not take part in the management of this Site.

2. Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Data

  • When you visit this Site or use any service on this Site, depending on the service, you will be asked to provide necessary personal data, the processing and use of which is limited to the purpose of the service. The data will not be used for any other purpose without your written consent.
  • When you use any interactive service including e-mail and surveys, this Site will store your name, e-mail address, contact information, and time of use, as submitted.
  • During your visit to this Site, the server will store related details including your IP address, time of use, browser, and browsing records. The details are for internal use only and will be the basis for the improvement of this Site.
  • To make our services more precise, we will conduct a statistical analysis on the surveys. The statistical data and explanatory notes will be for internal study. If necessary, we will disclose the statistical data and notes, provided that they do not include any personal data.

3. Data Protection

  • This Site includes firewalls, anti-virus systems and other necessary security measures to ensure strict protection of the Site and your personal data. Any person without authorization may not access your personal data, and any person that processes the data will sign a confidentiality agreement, the violation of which will be punished in accordance with applicable laws.
  • Any entity entrusted by this Site to provide service will also be required to abide by confidentiality. Necessary inspection will be carried out to ensure compliance.

4. External Websites

This Site may contain links to other websites. You may access other websites using links contained in this Site. The Statement does not apply to such websites, which are covered by their own privacy statements.

5. Data Sharing with Third Parties

This Site will not provide, trade, rent or sell your personal data, with regard to third-party persons, groups, private corporations or government entities, unless obliged to do so under applicable laws or contracts. The exceptions include but are not limited to the following:

  • Your written consent.
  • Explicit obligations under applicable laws.
  • To avoid risks to your life, limb, liberty or property.
  • During cooperation with government or academic entities, the disclosure of personal data is necessary for public interests or academic studies, and will not reveal the identity of any person concerned.
  • Your actions on this Site violate our Terms of Use, may infringe upon the rights of this Site and other users, or cause damages to any person. The Site administrators determine that disclosure of personal data is necessary for identification, contact or legal action.
  • Disclosure of personal data is beneficial to your rights.
  • This Site entrusts any contractor with the collection, processing or use of your personal data, and this Site takes responsibility for supervising the entrusted entity or person.

6. Cookies

To provide the smoothest service, this Site will store and access cookies in your computer. If you do not want cookies to be stored, you can change the privacy setting of your browser to a high level, although this may disable some features of this Site.

7. Amendments to the Privacy Statement

Amendments may be made to the Privacy Statement at any time if necessary. The amended Statement will be available on this Site.