Management consulting

Legal Consulting

Many companies blame constant changes in laws and regulations for the increase in operating costs and inefficiency in management. We believe such perception results from the lack of integrated, sustainable and standard procedures for business response to changes in laws and regulations, which thus become a heavy burden for business.

Our professional team is familiar with laws and regulations, and is committed to helping companies understand the impact of relevant laws and regulations to avoid unwitting violation. Our professional team also introduces proper processes and technology to enable businesses to use resources more effectively without affecting current business operations.


Market Consulting

Our consultant teams, with professionalism and deep knowledge about industry, are not only good at listening to our clients' demands, but also willing to offer prospective thoughts. We understand industry conditions and market trends. We are able to provide our clients with accurate intelligence and information. For companies, we are the best planners.

Our core services: Gathering information of industry trends, organizational operation consulting, etc.

We have access to industry resource networks to enable efficient understanding of industry intelligence. We help our clients gain a secure and stable position in the market by conducting scientific, objective analysis and providing strategy advice regarding accurate information."


Project Management

Based on our clients' demands, we conduct scientific and systematic analysis on internal business problems, and provide comprehensive solutions and action plans. We help our clients clarify their goals and create a SOP for each process to effectively manage all aspects, including resource, schedule, risk, and quality. Our clients can smoothly reach their goals and strengthen business competitiveness.

In a rapidly changing business world, increasingly complex transactions and stricter laws and regulations require companies to be more careful in dealing with risks. We believe a company which takes risks into account during decision making will achieve goals more effectively and maximize operational performance. Therefore, we provide market information for companies to assess risk tolerance and take this into account while making operating strategies. For such strategies to achieve success and create maximum values for companies, all aspects of business operation must consider possible risks.

Consultancy Services


The market is changing rapidly, and companies should always be ready to adjust their marketing strategies to seize emerging opportunities. To maintain growth and profitability, companies need to use innovative and creative thinking to gain advantage during competition. We are able to make an overall evaluation based on client demands and market trends, and offer holistic planning for innovation strategies. We focus on the planning and implementation of the overall strategies on brand positioning, interactive communities marketing and cyber-physical marketing, to design a precise strategy for business marketing. We help companies communicate effectively with their target clients and generate maximum benefits with minimal costs.

Our core services: marketing activities, cross-industry cooperation, sponsorship negotiations, channel events, staff activities, etc.

We aim to provide our clients with a marketing strategy that is innovative and precise, one which follows the trend and is amenable to change. We hope to become a marketing partner of companies and create market values together.


Public Relations

A company's image is represented by PR, and we provide professional services for companies to create the best external image and increase internal cohesion and identification. With our professional approach, we seek to understand our clients' demands and devise comprehensive PR solutions accordingly. Through integration of potential resources, connections and influence, we use innovative and creative ways to maximize the benefits for our clients. We are the best choice for PR consulting.

Our core services: domestic and international media relations, crisis management, event planning and execution, client reception planning, corporate identity, etc.

We provide complete advisory planning and executive strategies, based on a multi-perspective, holistic, scientific and logical way of thinking. Our strength lies in the ability to create the best image for companies. It is also an aim that we keep pursuing.

Information Service

Administrative Service

Through professional and high-quality planning and implementation of business administration, we aim to provide the best support to business logistics.

Core services for business administration: administrative matters, general affairs, procurement management, asset management, conference management, etc.

Administrative matters:
Serving our clients is always the first priority. With extensive experience in administrative coordination, we offer innovative services on management of operational logistics. We adopt a client-oriented approach to provide overall services concerning administration, general affairs and procurement in accordance with our clients' demands. We help our clients build internal systems and regulations, manage logistics support, create good working conditions, and enhance organizational cohesion.

Procurement management:
Our professional services enable companies to acquire top-quality goods and services with a proper cost. We offer professional solutions and complete services regarding procurement specification, item verification, and inspection and acceptance. Companies can make adjustment according to changing market conditions and get the best operational resources to make business more competitive.

Conference management:
Attentive conference management is also part of our core administrative services. We provide complete services regarding: conference preparation, conference venue arrangement, hardware and equipment management, invitation to conference participants, preparation of conference materials, conference reception, conference minutes, etc.

Accounting Service

As a company expands, the demand for tax consulting increases over different tax systems worldwide and more complex problems. In today's fast-changing international environment, countries are becoming more active in fighting tax avoidance and sharing information of offshore accounts, further complicating personal or business efforts regarding tax management and legal compliance. Our team includes tax and legal experts to face a fast-changing tax environment and its challenges. Our clients are provided with comprehensive and customized services for tax planning and consulting to help develop, safeguard, add values to and carry on business assets and careers. We offer the best consulting, planning and solutions to become a trusted and professional partner with companies.

Core services: accounting, tax declaration, internal audit, business registration

We are committed to giving the greatest support to business expansion. Our professional team assists companies in business system design, accounting and remuneration. We also provide updates about laws and regulations regarding accounting, tax and labor. Companies can accordingly make necessary adjustment to internal systems and ensure legal compliance in a timely manner, so as to seize market opportunities and maximize efficiency with minimal costs and human resources.

Remuneration Service

We provide fast remuneration services with utmost accuracy and reliability. We offer companies of any size fully professional services concerning human resources management, salary and tax. By using the most comprehensive systems, we assist our clients in the organization, integration and streamlining of the remuneration process, while pay secrecy is maintained.

Designing remuneration structure

Establishment of labor insurance units

Employee payroll management

Managing related matters, including performance evaluation, attendance records, salary calculation and payment

Management of labor and health insurance policies (employee participation or withdrawal)

International Trade

We do not just support business logistics. We also provide services for international trade to help companies win business opportunities and become profitable. Our services include:

- Finding investment opportunities locally.
- International communication/Computer and data services.
- Schedule arrangement for VIP reception.